Surely you’re publishing, Mr. Feynman!

The so called publish-or-perish culture in academia is real. Academics, specially at top-tier Research Universities, have a tremendous pressure to continuously produce publishable results, i.e. results that can be published in good journals and/or conferences. In an ideal world, publishable would be synonymous to substantial, but sadly, that is not the case. In a bid… Continue reading Surely you’re publishing, Mr. Feynman!

Mind-Blowing loneliness.

Mind Blowing. Such a colorful word that aptly describes what happens during the times when we are utterly swept away by the magnitude of what we just learned / realized. Of course, there are no dynamites involved, but there might as well be because until the dust settles, we are left agitated, unable to contain… Continue reading Mind-Blowing loneliness.

Impotence of the commoners

William Forster Lloyd famously outlined the idea of The Tragedy of the Commons in 1833. To summarize, it refers to the fact that any shared resource (i.e. commons) that has a slow recovery rate is bound to deplete eventually due to the greed of those sharing it. The example that’s almost always invoked to explain… Continue reading Impotence of the commoners

The pronoun conundrum

One of the things that I really like about the English language is the universality of the pronoun. It’s just you for everyone and this includes your parents, children, siblings, coworkers, boss, president, CEO and basically whoever you meet. Well, I suppose there are exceptions, but let’s get to it later. People who grew up… Continue reading The pronoun conundrum