Teenage Rebellion is just Wind

Anyone who has undergone the process can tell you that teenagers are surly, distant, reckless, and most important of all, immensely abhorrent to critical feedback, especially from their parents. While this can indeed be difficult for the parents who think of their children as the same sweet darling of the yonder years, a scientific reconciliation can be provided that would perhaps help make them peace about the entire ritual.

I begin with Dispersion, more precisely, Seed Dispersion: the process by the means of which seeds from a plant is carried away via different agents. This is curious because plants themselves cannot move, much less the seeds. Therefore, they have developed certain traits that allow them to *attach* their seeds to these *agents* in different ways for transportation. For example, a monkey may eat a guava, whose seeds are hard and indigestible, and in the course of doing its business, which is to say pooping, will spread the seed (luckily, with some fertilizer) ensuring its growth. Similarly, birds, insects, and even humans knowingly/unknowingly plant these seeds throughout the landscape ensuring the spread of the species.

Dispersion is important because resources are scarce. The grounds where a tall tree already stands will never have conducive environment for the growth of its seeds because all the water and necessary nutrients won’t be enough for everyone. Therefore, seeds must be dispersed to virile unexplored lands. If not, the species will die out. Ergo, plants develop these interesting mechanisms that allow their seeds to be carried not just by animals, but by the elements as well. Some seeds float on water, others are carried by the wind to newer destinations where they could, hopefully, start a world of their own:

And thus, it’s the same with humans as well. Resources are scarce in a community and newer, fertile lands are what expand the reach and existence of the species. It is this that inherently drives the seeds away from their roots. It is this that imparts that touch of aggression and adventure to them. And it is this that makes your teenager hate you. So don’t take it personally, it’s biology and years of evolutionary guidance acting up. Oh, and do forgive yourself for being a brat in your teenage years as well, you were just being driven by The Wind.